Bibimbap…Korean for yum!


You are given Miso and Chilli sauce which you add to taste


Chilli Pork Bibimbap

I’ve been meaning to write this review for a while. About a year ago I ate at Korean restaurant for the first time on a trip to Paris. It was delicious and very healthy. When I discovered I was moving to London, I scoured the web to discover the best Korean in London. One restaurant kept appearing.

Bibimbap is a fab little spot on Greek street in Soho. It does exactly what it says on the tin, serves different styles of bibimbap. These ate large stone bowls which are heated in an oven and then filled with raw veg, rice and meat. It all cooks at the table by stirring it and adding sauces. As you can probably imagine, I love to get hands on with food so this is just my kind of place!
There is a nice selection on the menu, mixed seafood, pork chicken, steak and veg varieties. They also do lots of little side dished including Kimchee, a type of korean pickled cabbage and several types of dumplings.

It’s also good value, its possible to eat a huge portion for £7 or less. Would really recommend it for a cheap, fast and tummy dinner if your anywhere near soho!

There is a link to their website here so you can learn more about them and Korean food in general.

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