London Markets: Borough Market

I love visiting markets. I think that a market is my favorite place to buy almost anything…from food to vintage jewellery to a whole host of interesting and unique pieces. London is a great city for market shopping. There is a huge variety of choice and you are sure to have a market somewhere every single day of the week. Ive decided to write a few short posts about some of the wonderful markets Ive been to in this city…..and of course the food products that have spawned from them!

Last Friday I decided to visit Borough market, just south of the Thames at London Bridge. The market is open Thursday, Friday and Saturday and has become a well know essential on the London food scene. I prefer to go on a Friday as it is less crowede with tourists and so is much easier to navigate!

Borough’s Gateway is actually just a traders entrance! Impressive though!

The best time to go to this market is definately just before lunch. Most of the stalls serve hot and cold food that can be eaten on the spot. I always like to take a walk around and scope out what type of food I fancy before any serious decisions are made. The choices are endless. Freshly cooked seafood stands alongside handmade pies, curries and a vast array hot sandwiches containing options from roast beef or pork to barbequed chorizo!

After a quick survey, my companion and I settled on pan seared scallops on a bed of stir fried vegetables. It was so simple but the scallops were perfectly cooked….seared and crispy on the outside and wonderfully soft inside without being rubbery. There was no sauce, just a dash of tobasco and some lemon juice. Heaven!

Seared Scallops: Divine!

Borough is a foodie’s treasure trove. Whatever dish you can imagine in your head, you can find any ingredient here. From wild boar sausages to ostrich burgers to a stall selling only truffle oils, it really is only as limited as your imagination.

I went with a few ingredients in mind….diced venison, good blue cheese, red onions and some nice red wine (recipes will follow shortly!) the market did not disappoint. I also managed to get led astray with quite a few other delicious items. Below is just a small selection of the many stalls and products to be found at the market

Autumnal Colours in Spring: Pumpkins and squash galore

Fish for Dinner?

Olive one of those please….Teehee (awful joke sorry!)

I Want One of Each!

Who Knew Mushrooms Could Look So Pretty!

My Glamourous Assistant for the Day!

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2 thoughts on “London Markets: Borough Market

  1. Recipe Chefs says:

    Excellent post thanks for sharing. I love food and sharing recipes. I really enjoy reading your blog. Feel free to stop by sometime and check out our recipes at Recipe Chefs

  2. Evan O'Ceallaigh says:

    London and I are in a crazy love affair! I have returned every summer ever since I went there on a summer holiday 4 years back. Every time I go there I check out the big department stores (Harrods and Harvey Nicks) , the amazing food stores and of course the amazing markets…of which Borough Market is my favourite. I also always go to De Gustibus Bakery just around the corner and talk to the old Irish man working there. Thank you for making me jealous that I am not standing in Borough market tasting Fudge right now.

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