Super Sourdough!

Sourdough is the holy grail of breads and one I have been battling with for quite some time. After we did the bread course in the firehouse bakery back in August, I made my own starter and started playing around with different sourdough recipes. None have proven that successful! So in an effort to finally succeed at sourdough, I have been taking advice from the sourdough sage of Ballymaloe, Tim. Continue reading

Gorgeous dogs and Game birds

This week had a particular focus on fowl and in particular, game birds. We were introduced to a beautiful array of birds shot by Tom, a local guard with a passion for shooting. I certainly believe that if you are going to eat meat, you should be conscious of where that meat comes from and Tom has an avid relationship with the birds he is involved with, some of which he is involved in raising. Continue reading

Organic Gardening Classes

One of the best things for me here at Ballymaloe is the breadth of knowledge that is passed along to us from each and every member of the team. Last Wednesday morning at 7:30am, a motley crew of us gathered to have a whirlwind tour of the herbs, vegetables and salads that are grown in the organic gardens here and to obtain advice from the wonderful Eileen about planting ourselves. Continue reading

Bloomin’ Brilliant Butchery!

Viewers of a sensitive disposition should look away now, this post contains all the gory details of our fabulous butchery lesson last week! Philip Denhart runs the pizza cafe Saturday Pizzas here at Ballymaloe which runs every Saturday afternoon. It is really worth checking out, delish pizzas made with organic ingredients. But Philip is a man of many talents and it turns out he is also a master butcher. Last Wednesday, a group of ten of us were treated to an after hours butchery lesson where we were taught how to divide up a lamb into the various cuts that are familiar to us all. Continue reading

Week One Down: What a Whirlwind!

I cannot believe week one is over already! Where does the time go! The first week here at Ballymaloe Cookery School was a blur of information, in the best possible way. Learning about processes and procedures is so important here, to ensure we can do everything “the Ballymaloe way”.  Everything from chopping and frying onions to rolling pastry and lining tart tins almost has to be re-learned, but that’s part of the fun!  Continue reading

A Whole New Chapter

Today has been a long time coming for me. Growing up in Cork, the name Ballymaloe has lurked around every food corner and jumped out in the most wonderful of ways at farmers markets, restaurants, bakery’s and a host of other food businesses for as long as I can remember. Since I was a 12 year old girl, starting to appreciate the wonders of food, Ballymaloe has been synonymous with the ethos of healthy, wholesome and sustainable local food doing good for everyone concerned. Continue reading