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So now you have seen some of my new favourite spots in the south, maybe today the Capital should get a mention! Enter Dublin. The capital city of our fair country and a spot I haven’t spent much time in until recently. I have to say, Im in love with how exciting and varied Dublin’s food industry is. There is something for everyone and always something new happening! Its like a mini, condensed version of London, but with a distinctly Irish focus that makes it special for me. New places are constantly popping up in Dublin and its hard to keep up sometimes. Here are some of the places I have tried recently.

Butcher Grill, Ranelagh

My very willing accomplice just about pausing for a picture!

My very willing accomplice just about pausing for a picture!

The Butcher Grill in Ranelagh is easily my favourite steak restaurant in Ireland. The focus here is distinctly carnivorous! Various cuts of mostly beef from all over the world are the name of the game here and the meat really is the star. I cannot recommend the Cote du Bouef enough, a large steak designed to be shared between two that comes with delicious baked beans and crispy onion rings. The bearnaise sauce they serve alongside is so buttery and delicious I would eat it on its own! There are fish dishes and other delights but this is certainly one for the meatlovers!

Baklava French toast and those yummy eggs!

Baklava French toast

Brother Hubbard/Sister Sadie

Sister Sadie, just off of Harcourt Street is the newer sibling to Brother Hubbard on Capel Street and is equally delightful. The food has a significant Middle Eastern feel but is comforting enough for the Irish weather! Previously, I had one of the best bowls of porridge ever at Brother Hubbard that was so creamy and came with a berry and rose jam that I still dream of. On my most recent visit, I tried Baklava French Toast. It consists of thick slices of egg-soaked sourdough served with apples, berry compote, creme fraiche and a spicy sweet honey crumble. It was really delicous, fresh yet comforting. My only criticism was that the bread was a bit dry as the eggy mixture hadnt really soaked through it but its not the end of the world!

Yummy baked eggs

Yummy baked eggs

My dining companion had shakshuka baked eggs with a side of chorizo, eggs with a rich tomatoey sauce and feta on top. I have to say, this was a winner for me and I had a little breakfast envy. Guess Ill just have to go back! There is a great variety here and the sandwiches are renowned across Dublin town!

The Atrium Lounge, Westin Hotel

I love afternoon tea, its one of those real treats that you reserve for special occasions. I decided I would treat two of my bridesmaids to afternoon tea in a nice hotel and I spent ages searching for the best. I settled upon The Atrium Lounge at the Westin Hotel. It was exactly what I was hoping for from an afternoon tea experience: stylish, chic and fun!


My lovely ladies!

Afternoon tea here is a choice. There is of course a traditional afternoon tea with finger sandwiches, scones and petit four served with a myriad teas. The other option is A Most Peculiar Afternoon Tea which doesn’t have a single sandwich but instead, delicious little savoury canapé bites and sweet delights.

Tiers of deliciousness!

Tiers of deliciousness!

My favourite pieces were a salted chocolate brownie, a salted caramel pot, little marshmallows with popping candy and the most moist banana bread with a cinnamon butter. All a little different and fun but in a refined way! Seriously worth checking out. They also do a takeaway afternoon tea which requires 24 hours notice but a fabulous idea for a picnic!

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