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They say moving house, getting married and changing jobs are among the top five most stressful life events an adult can go through. Well we certainly don’t do things by halves in our house. In less than nine months, we have gotten married, left jobs in Ireland and the UK, I returned to study and now we have moved across the Atlantic to Boston, Massachusetts. Sometimes I ask myself are we insane!


Big yellow school buses like in the movies! All these things are still a novelty!

Brenton arrived in the US back in October and subsequently moved to an apartment in Brookline, a suburb of Boston about 2 miles from the centre of of the city. It is a lovely neighbourhood and I am really enjoying getting to know the area. We are lucky enough to live within walking distance of many nice restaurants, cafes and boutiques as well as parks and easy reach of public transport. Coolidge Corner is a buzzing little spot and I even spotted a friend on the shelves of my new favourite bookstore, Brookline Booksmith.

Boston itself is the kind of city I enjoy. Its big enough to have all the amenities and buzz of a cosmopolitan metropolis, however is small enough that it still has a neighbourhood feel. It is home to multinational chains but still showcases local producers and “mom and pop” stores. One of the hotspots for me  since I arrived has been Boston Public Market.

Boston Public Market:


This little gem is Boston’s version of Corks English Market, albeit a bit more modern and swanky with the best producers of the region holding court. It is an indoor marketplace with vendors from farms all over New England pedaling farm to table produce as well as delicious ready to eat lunches and beautiful flowers.


The vendors I have explored so far have really impressed me. Good quality, organic vegetables and grass fed beef are de-riguer here. Here are just some of my favourite stalls.

Chestnut Farms




Chestnut Farms is a family run livestock farm just outside of Boston which raises a range of animals for their stall and CSA boxes. We met Kim, who runs the farm with her husband, at Farm Share Fair last week and loved how passionate and engaging she was about her animals and the work they do on the farm. They supply beef, pork and poultry raised to the highest standards at their farmstands, both here at Boston Public Market and their other farmers market stalls.

Corner Stalk Farm


Ive already told you about my new meat routine since leaving Buttermaloe. Well now onto salads! Never again will I be buying bags of precut, premixed salads which I am reliably informed are not as healthy as they present themselves to be! Corner Stalk Farm grow a beautiful selection of salads and sell boxes of lettuces with the stalk still on so that they stay fresh for longer. They are the sole reason I am not missing the greens from the Ballymaloe Gardens. Customers can purchase boxes in three sizes and I plumped for a large salad box for $15 which I  almost balked at but the salads lasted two weeks for us and the quality of leaves is beautiful. This will be a regular on my shopping list!

Reds Best Seafood


Reds Best Seafood is a huge fish stall in the market that sources all its fish from a network of local fishermen in the Boston and Cape cod areas from only sustainable fisheries. They provide a service that allows you to identify the fisherman that caught each fish, which to me is how traceable seafood should work! They sell from as many sustainable local fisheries as possible including Martha’s Vineyard Bay Scallops, Wellfleet oysters, Chatham razor clams and other local fisheries. Customers get full autonomy over the the source of their seafood which is how it should be.

Stow Greenhouses



Last but not least is Stow Greenhouses, a flower stall that screams colour and smells beautiful. They sell single flower bunches like hydrangeas or a multitude of coloured bouquets. They also offer a subscription serves where you can collect a bouquet every week from their farmstand. Its all grown locally in Massachusetts and each bouquet has is filled with seasonal blooms.


So besides shopping, what else have we been up to?


Last Friday night, I surprised Brenton with tickets to a Red Sox game at Fenway Park, the oldest baseball stadium in the US. It is one of those classic Boston experiences that is a necessity when you live in this city and it was great fun, beer, food and lots of loud baseball fans! Thank goodness the Red Sox won, I could imagine raucous scenes if they lost!


That’s it for now, talk again soon!



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