Gorgeous dogs and Game birds

This week had a particular focus on fowl and in particular, game birds. We were introduced to a beautiful array of birds shot by Tom, a local guard with a passion for shooting. I certainly believe that if you are going to eat meat, you should be conscious of where that meat comes from and Tom has an avid relationship with the birds he is involved with, some of which he is involved in raising.


Tom and Rachel discussing the birds


Tom introduced us to pheasant, ducks, woodcock and snipe and explained about driven shoots vs wild shooting. He spoke with such passion about seasons of each game bird and how necessary it is for sustainability of the birds as well as the sport.

Tom then introduced us to his lovely dog Benny, a black lab and gun dog. He spoke about using dogs to flush out birds in a driven shoot or to retrieve shot birds and we got a lovely demo of how well trained Benny is.


All of this was due to the fact that pheasant and guinea fowl were on the menu the following day. I was not scheduled to cook either but Darina was insistent that each of us needs to know how to pluck and clean the birds. In aid of this, we had a group plucking session later that evening.


Graham and his pheasant


Some slightly dubious faces

I’ll be honest and say it wasn’t the most pleasant experience of my life, but I’m so glad I did it. I truly believe if we eat meat, we should be this connected to our food, or at least understand how it is produced. There are so many people eating chickens every day and they have no idea about the way those birds are raised or treated. I would rather buy one organic bird a week and make it go further than mindlessly shop, an oblivious consumer. Sorry, preachy part over!

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