Lovely Vermont

Last week, Brent was driving up to Burlington, Vermont for a work trip so I decided to tag along. One of the promises we made to each other when we arrived in the US was that we would try and see as many of the States as possible while we are living here. This was the perfect opportunity.


Burlington is a really nice town, full of little boutiques and farm to table restaurants. Oh yeah, and then there is Lake Champlain. I mean, look at the view! Vermont really is as stunning as I imagined, the trip up involved miles of pine-lined sky and bridges over deep river valleys. Stunning is the only word to describe it.

The first night we arrived, we ate at a pizza restaurant/brewery called American Flatbread, which uses as much local, seasonal produce as they can find along with beautiful Vermont cheeses and sauces made from beers brewed at their sister brewery, Zero Gravity. We shared a meat special which consisted of slow roasted pork and tomato sauce topped with Vermont cheese. We also shared a veggie special or braised fennel with caramelized onions and blue cheese – this was amazing!


The following morning, while husband went to work, I went to explore. I started out with a beautiful omelette from Penny Cluse Cafe (Check out the funky local artwork) and then wandered around pretty Church Street Marketplace where there are lots of great boutiques – trust me to only but kitchen equipment!


Some serious street art commemorating Burlington’s 400th year

After a stunning walk down the waterfront, I visited Lake Champlain Chocolate factory and had a fantastic tour learning about the history and process of making chocolate in Vermont. It was fabulous to hear about the origins of the company and of course to saple some of the lovely chocolate!

We saved the best for last however, a restaurant called Hen of the Wood, which everybody in town recommended to us so thankfully we had already reserved it! It was one of the best meals I have had in a long time, a celebration of Vermont produce served simply and beautifully. I loved their signature dish, wild mushrooms on toast topped with a poached egg and the cheese plate at the end was delicious but my favorite was simply ham cooked in oil served with toast and wholegrain mustard. The quality of the ingredients speak for themselves here.

My favourite dish of the night, ham in olive oil on toast

My favourite dish of the night, ham in olive oil on toast

All in all, it was a fabulously unexpected spot and one I will happily return to! If you ever get the chance to stop by on your travels through the Vermont countryside, jump at it!


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