My New Favourite Cookbook

I love food, we all know that. There is something really special about french food though. On my recent holiday in France, I really struggled between wanting to taste all the wonderful buttery creations, and remembering that they are just not that healthy.  It is a myth that the french eat buttery, fatty foods all day every day. They have a great attitude, everyone deserves treats but in small doses! They generally eat a healthy combination of lean meat, fish, exciting salads and green vegetables, all flavoured with spices and herbs (ok and SOME fat!). The problem is finding that moderation and altering recipes to be slightly healthier! Thats what I discovered in my new cookbook.

Harry Eastwood grew up in France but struggled with keeping her weight under control when surrounded with such wonderful choice of flavoursome food! In her new book, The Skinny French Kitchen, she endeavours to create stylish, classic french dishes but she has modified them to be healthier versions of the traditional. She has achieved this with great success. The main reason I love this book is that not only is it healthier, it does not compromise on flavour.

I have a list as long as my arm of the recipes I want try from this book and I will be posting my success or failure as I proceed. Yesterday for lunch I made French Onion soup and boy was it yummy. Rich but without all the usual unecessary fat that is usually present.

Gooey melted cheese on rich onion soup

My other forays into french cooking from this book have also been pretty successful.  Harry gives clear and easy instructions which takes the mystery out of foods that formerly seemed complicated, such as eclairs. I made mini eclairs to take into work and they went down a treat. The nicest thing is that nobody had a clue these were lower in fat. Again the key with these is smaller amounts of butter! I really cannot express how much you cannot notice the difference!

Mini Chocolate Eclairs

The favourite recipe I have made so far from the book is the classic profiteroles! These always light up eyes when they appear. These ones were light, fluffy and still decedant! Filled with creme patisserie and topped with hot chocolate sauce, they cant exactly be called low fat but they are certainly less rich than other versions. Simply yum!

Look at that gooey chocolate sauce! 🙂

I would certainly recommend this book to anyone, I have had so much fun cooking from it so far! My next challenge is the ultimate french sweet treat….Macaroons! Watch this space guys!

A Bientot!


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