O’Conaills Hot Chocolate

The French Church Street Store

In Cork, there really is only one place for Hot Chocolate. O’Conaills chocolate started as a small company producing high quality chocolate products from their factory in Carraigaline, Co Cork. From there, they have expanded into a well know producer of the highest quality chocolate items including chocolate bars, truffles, fudge, baked good and for me, best of all, hot chocolates. For the past number of years they have had a hot chocolate shop on French Church Street in the city and last christmas they expanded this store and opened a new bakery and takeaway on Princes Street. It really is yummy and a mecca in Cork for hot choc!

Yummy milk and white hot choc

When my other half went home a few months ago for a flying visit, it was one of the first places he visited. He sent me a picture that made me utterly jealous! Little did I know the reason for his visit was to bring me one of their homemade hot chocolate kit! When he brought it home, I was a very happy girl!

My lovely present 🙂

When a friend of ours was coming to visit, it was one of the top things on the shopping list I sent him! He kindly  obliged with two lovely big bags of chocolate chips! Be warned the rest of you, there may be requests in the future!

Thats all for now, have a great week guys!



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