Sunny day picnics!

A divine day in this beautiful city

The weather in London has been hot lately…..intensely sunny and summery. Despite the slightly negative side effects in the tube or on crowded streets, the city has come alive. Flowers are blooming, birds are singing and people are smiling wherever they go.

My other half and I have been together three years this week. Not a mountainous milestone by any means but certainly something to smile about. We both have quite demanding jobs and struggle to spend much time together with even less chance to explore this wonderful city….so that was the plan. Just the two of us, nothing special but an adventure. Even better….it was to be a surprise to me!

At 4pm on Friday, I was collected outside of work. What followed was the most wonderful afternoon. I was walked down along Piccadilly, through Green park to St James.

The area was alive with activity. Not only were there hoards of tourists milling about, but an army of television stations from all over the world, have taken up residence, preparing for the Royal Wedding next week.  We found a suitably shady spot and settled onto the grass.

The perfect present

There I was presented with the prettiest Fortnum and Mason Picnic Basket! Inside lay a bottle of pink champagne, pink champagne truffles, fondant cremés and some lovely smellies! I was giddy as a schoolgirl! It was the sweetest gift, especially considering my love of food and anything vintage! We sat on the grass, indulged in a picnic and basked in the glorious sunshine….all the while enjoying the fact that we now live in one of the worlds greatest cities! How lucky we are!

My new favourite sweets...fruit fondants

Popping the pink champagne

Simple Picnic


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