On Ireland and Irish Food….

I am sure most of you know this but it’s not been long since my husband and I moved to Boston, Massachusetts. It’s a beautiful city in an equally stunning region, surrounded by lush farmland, coastal havens of shellfish and deep blue Atlantic fishing grounds. It is probably the most Irish city in the world outside of Ireland. Yesterday I was driving through Cambridge (home of Harvard University) and cycling in the opposite direction was a guy wearing a Kerry jersey. I am no longer surprised when I hear Irish accents on public transport and half of the kids working in pubs and restaurants over the summer are here on J1 visa’s from Ireland. Continue reading

Delicious Ireland @ Selfridges Food Hall

For any Irish folk living in or around London, there is a fantastic event running in Selfridges food hall at the moment. In association with Bord Bia, Selfridges are showcasing some of the many fantastic artisan producers of Ireland. There will also be demos, food tastings and much more besides. There are many exciting products on sale. The usual Irish food abroad such as Barrys Tea and Taytos crisps are present but much more exciting is some of the lovely local produce. On The Pigs Back, a Cork institution, has some of their fab chicken liver pates featured, while Glenilen Farm have butter and lovely yoghurts in the fridge. Im pretty excited about The Scullery which is an Irish based creator of chutneys and sauces. Im also very excited to see Frank Hederman smoked salmon which is argueable one of the best smoke houses in Ireland if not Europe! If you like good foor, Irish or not, its definately worth a look.

There will be some exciting demos coming up including Darina Allen, Clodagh McKenna, Paul Flynn and many more! The fullline up can be found at the link below and the food will be available until the end of April.