Fluffy Lemon Sour Cream Pancakes

At this stage, we all know that I have a serious affinity for breakfast foods! I love brunch probably more than most meals. Savory or sweet, this is my kind of meal. Lets face it, pancakes make most people happy!

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Berry and Oatmeal Muffins

I love muffins, but often they are much less healthy than you would think. They are really handy for a quick breakfast or a handy snack on the go so I like to have some in the cupboard or freezer for a day when Im running behind and need something I can grab and go! These ones are great, moist and fruity but made with oatmeal instead of flour so they keep me filled up. They are nice and fruity too. You could substitute blueberries instead of strawberries or raspberries, if you were that way inclined 🙂

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Weekend Brunch: American Pancakes

Pancakes are usually pretty naughty breakfast food. If you get them in a restaurant, they tend to be made with lots of butter etc! Not exactly healthy eating. But actually, these are easy to slim down! Whisked egg whites add the fluffiness to these cakes, without making them heavy ! I love these, they may be one of my favourite breakfasts for a weekend. You can serve these with fruit, maple syrup, bacon or a combination of all three! Continue reading

Cork Restaurant Review: Liberty Grill

As you may have noticed, I have written a lot about Cork lately. I took a trip home in May and literally ate my way through my holiday! It was fantastic although I felt I needed a serious detox after all the food!

Breakfast has recently become my priority mealtime! When I was younger, I used to leave for school at 7am and so could not face eating at that hour of the morning. As I’ve gotten older and work has taken over, I have really noticed the affect a good hearty breakfast can have. I put a big effort in every morning, whether it be porridge, smoothies, poached eggs or even just a fruit salad, I always spend time on what I will have.

Weekend brekkie is special however! Brunch must be the best thing ever invented. Huge plates of yummy breakfast food that can still be eaten when one has only managed to get up at lunchtime! In Cork, every Saturday morning, this meant the Liberty Grill.

This fab american style restaurant opened a good five years ago now and brought its pancake piled plates to the people of Cork. Not a fry-up in sight, they have a varied brunch menu to suit any taste with a distinctly American theme.

When you are first seated, there is a pastry buffet table with all sorts of freshly baked croissants and scones, homemade jams and all of the local morning papers. This is a nice touch as you can help yourself to a scone and a paper while you wait for the main event. For me, this always means Eggs Benedict. It is truly one of their specialities.

Eggs Benedict in all its glory

On the plate in front of you, you get two slices of homemade sourdough toast topped with nice and crispy bacon and two perfectly poached eggs. I mean perfect, they have this lovely hard cooked white with a perfectly runny centre. All this is then smothered in the tastiest hollandaise sauce I have ever had! Heaven on a plate. They have a selection of other egg dishes including boiled and scrambled eggs on toast.

Full American Breakfast...Yum

They also have a great selection of freshly squeezed juices, yoghurt, granola and fruit if any of these take your fancy!

It really is worth a trip there if you are anywhere near Cork, you will not be disappointed. My only problem is I have yet to find anywhere in London that even compares! Miss you Liberty Grill!!