Sunshine Food

Happy Memorial Day folks, I really had no idea how big a holiday it is in the USA and its been interesting to learn about it. It also seems to mark the start of Summer in New England with people taking trips out to the Cape and the islands to kick off the season. Its been fun to see things coming to life. Continue reading

Fluffy Lemon Sour Cream Pancakes

At this stage, we all know that I have a serious affinity for breakfast foods! I love brunch probably more than most meals. Savory or sweet, this is my kind of meal. Lets face it, pancakes make most people happy!

For the last few years, we have made a little tradition in our house of going to New York for Thanksgiving. Its such a fantastic way of getting into the festive spirit and do some Christmas shopping. I love watching the parade and wandering around, looking at Christmas windows. Continue reading

Winter is here: Soups for the Soul

When the weather turns colder and it is time to batten down the hatches, there is nothing I find more comforting than a proper bowl of homemade soup. Soup is such an easy and comforting thing to have bubbling away on the hob, and I struggle to justify tinned soup in anyway. All those additives and artificial flavourings are totally unnecessary when you can make a pot chock full of healthy vegetables taste so good, so easily. So I have this super easy and quick soup recipe for you, to prove how seriously simple, not to mind healthy,  it can be to make at home.

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Spicy Lamb Steaks with Tabbouleh

I love the Hairy Bikers! They are absolutely nuts but fab! As you guys know from previous posts, these two larger than life northerners embarked on a weight loss journey and did very well! I have given you some recipes from their original cookbook and now, due to the success of the first, they have a new book out! Its called Hairy Dieters: Eat for Life and its great. This is one of the first recipes I tried from the book. I love lamb, but roasting a whole leg of lamb for just two people seems a waste. So this suited me down to the ground. Its really tasty. I made a little mint yoghurt to go with it and it will definately go on the regular dinners list! The salad is great to have in the fridge and have a spoon with lunches so I make lots but this amount has six servings.

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Healthy Dauphinoise Potato?!

Hello there,

I am a busy busy lady at the minute so im sorry about the more sporadic posts but trying to get as many up as possible. Today’s one is a great one I promise! Dauphinoise potato is one of those dishes that defines simply great French cuisine in the eyes of the world. Its garlicky and gooey and creamy and delicious. And maybe not the healthiest. I cant resist it occasionally.  It is surprisingly easy to make this one healthier. It goes so well with roast dinners, pork chops, steaks, basically anything you could thing of. Please try this one! Continue reading

Roasted Duck Breast,Colcannon and Steamed Spring Vegetables

Duck is one of my favourite things to order out, it is so tasty and predominantly healthy. The meat is leaner than chicken! The skin however is another matter! I dont often cook duck at home but decided to try it this week, partially because they were on offer in my local butchers. Duck is great with a fruity sauce so I went with a cherry sauce but you could use an orange or plum sauce if you wanted. The key to making this healthy is, unfortunately, to remove the skin before cooking! Continue reading

Salade Nicoise

This is exactly the kind of thing I like to eat on a sunny summer day. Its hearty and filling yet fresh and healthy. Nicoise is one of those recipes that has so many interpretations, its hard to identify the original. So Ive decided to just go with the way I like it to taste. Salty with anchovies, sweet and sharp with balsamic vinegar (I know this is probably a cardinal sin!) and lots of salad material to munch on! The lettuces I use have lots of bite to them but feel free to vary them to your taste. Yum! Continue reading