Irish Stew – A Proper St Patricks Meal!

I knew St. Patricks day was a big deal in the US – I am just not sure I knew it was this big! When I say everything turns green,  I mean everything! The rivers, the coffee, the beer – yep, all a lurid color known as Kelly Green! Its so big here in Boston that the famed mayor of the 1940’s Mr J.M. Curley ferreted out a historic event that co-incided with St Patricks Day so that he could declare it a public holiday, namely Evacuation Day. Continue reading

Exploring Eataly Boston

Eataly is a chain of Italian inspired stores which started in NY and and has most recently spread to Boston. I say stores, to be honest, Eataly is more like a shrine to food through an Italian eye. I spent a day at the mega mart on opening weekend and have visited a few times since.  Here is a little insight into what lies beneath this facade. Continue reading

Roasted Duck Breast,Colcannon and Steamed Spring Vegetables

Duck is one of my favourite things to order out, it is so tasty and predominantly healthy. The meat is leaner than chicken! The skin however is another matter! I dont often cook duck at home but decided to try it this week, partially because they were on offer in my local butchers. Duck is great with a fruity sauce so I went with a cherry sauce but you could use an orange or plum sauce if you wanted. The key to making this healthy is, unfortunately, to remove the skin before cooking! Continue reading

Paella – Summer in a dish

Ok, so I know it hardly seems like Summer is on its way, but whatever the weather, colourful dishes full of flavour make me feel like it is finally Summer time! When we visited Barcelona, flavour and colour were in abundance in everything we ate and no more so than in the wonderful dish that is Paella. We hunted down a restaurant in a little backstreet of the El Ravel neighbourhood which is touted as having some of the best paella in the city. I have to admit it was pretty amazing, even if we couldnt finish it! The name of the restaurant is Pollo Rico and it is on Calle San Pau, just off the Ramblas.

Continue reading

Happy St Patrick’s Day: Irish Beef Stew

Happy Paddys weekend everyone! For those of you lucky enough to actually living in Ireland now, you have a long weekend of fun and frivolity to look forward to. What could be more important than some decent soakage!? (For those of you who dont know, soakage is hearty heavy food to eat when one is intending to consume large amounts of alcohol! Perfect for the day thats in it!) Irish stew, in my mind, is traditionally a lamb based stew. But so many people prefer a beef version and this one is so tasty yet really healthy. I will confess that it does not contain any of the traditional Guinness or other stout as I was trying to keep it healthy. It doesnt need it though, its still great! Continue reading