Summer seafood salad

Summer seems to be coming to a slow down and in an effort to make the most of it, im eating as much Summer and I can right now! Salads, BBQ when I can and so many berries Im surprised I havent become a strawberry! My recent change of career has led me into the fishing industry and as a result, I have become increasingly interested in cooking with fish and seafood.

Probably my favourite fish!

Ive also invested in a number of good cookbooks recently. Ive been playing with some of the recipes to make themhealthier. I will be sending some of them your way in the next few weeks and this is the first. This comes from Irish chef Martin Shanahan and his new cooking series Surf n’Turf. He runs one of the best fish restaurants in Ireland. Ive adapted this already healthy recipe to make it even lighter and tastier! This is son easy but can be really impressive

Seafood Salad

Adapted from “Surf n’Turf” by Martin Shanahan and Paul Flynn

Serves 4, 4pp per serving

For the dressing:

  • 2 roasted red peppers
  • 100g extra light mayonnaise
  • 100g low fat yoghurt
  • 50g half fat creme fraiche
  • 100ml wine vinegar
  • salt and pepper

For the salad:

  • Mixed salad leaves – I used rocket and a mixed salad bag for a nice peppery taste!
  • Other salad ingredients – I like the freshness of cucumber in this and some radish but its totally up to your own tastes.
  • 500g Fish of your choice – I used a strong flavour such as salmon (200g) as well as a simple white fish such as pollack or whiting (200g) I also used 100g of prawns. If you were feeling luxurious, you could eve use Lobster!
  1. Start by making the dressing. Its very easy if you have a mini food processer or a hand blender. Literally pop everything into the processor or a bowl and whizz for a few minutes until you have a runny sauce consistancy. Taste and season accordingly.
  2. Cut the fish into small bite size pieces. This is so the fish will cook quickly.
  3. Next, prepare the salad in a bowl. I like to toss it all in a tiny splash of lemon juice just so every leaf has a flavour.
  4. Heat a large frying pan on a moderate heat. Spray with a small amount of oil to prevent it sticking. Pop in the fish and stir fry for 2 to 3 minutes, until it becomes opaque. Its important not to over cook the fish as this will really effect the taste of the salad.
  5. Assembly time: I like to dress the salad well and then top with the fish. If you toss the fish into the salad, it tend to fall to the bottom. Its nice to have some crusty bread with this to soak up extra dressing.

Healthy Moules Frites (and a few more pictures.)

Hi there folks, hope all is well. We are now in the height of summer, although you wouldnt really know it. Still, there is the odd glimpse of the sun poking through the clouds so we better make the most of it! Down here in Kent, we seem to be getting big heavy bursts of rain followed by an hour or two of sun so we cant complain too much. Summer recipes are very much on my mind now so im trying to get all my favourite summer cooking done while the sun is about!

Lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer…or an hour at least!

After the rain….

When I was younger, my family would pack into the car every summer and drive from Cork all the way to the south of France  or even Spain on occasion. It occurred to me a few days ago that its probably why French food always makes me feel sunny and warm, a positive mental association. There are few dishes that can be more “French Summer” than, Moules Frites. It is quintessentially French and probably one of my favourite dishes. Ok so I know the “frites” arent exactly the most healthy but the recipe below is acceptable and as the saying goes, everything in moderation! Bon appetit et bon vivant!

Moule Frites:

Yummy summer dinner

Serves 1 but easily multiplied, 10 pp in total

  • 500g Mussels, well cleaned.
  • 1 small onion, finely chopped.
  • 1 stick celery, finely chopped.
  • 1 clove garlic, crushed
  • 75ml white wine
  • 50ml good stock
  • 150g potato, cut into small cubes.
  • 1 teaspoon butter
  • 1/2 tablespoon oil
  1. Heat a large deep pan over a medium heat. add the oil to the pan and then add the potato cubes. Cook for 20 mins, turning occasionally so that they brown. After 20 mins, add half the teaspoon of butter to the pan and toss well with sea salt and black pepper. Toss the potatoes onto an oven tray and transfer to a warm oven for 10 mins.
  2. Using the same pan, add the remaining butter and then add the onion, celery and garlic. Sweat gently for 5 minutes so that they are softened but not brown.
  3. Add the mussels, wine and stock to the pan along with a little black pepper. Dont add salt at this stage as the mussels will release their own juices which are salty.
  4. Place a lid on the pan and steam for about 8 – 10 mins, until all the mussels are opened.
  5. Serve immediately with the frites. Remember to toss away any mussels that dont open when cooked. I sometimes like to eat this with crusty bread for soaking up all the lovely juices.

London Markets: Borough Market

I love visiting markets. I think that a market is my favorite place to buy almost anything…from food to vintage jewellery to a whole host of interesting and unique pieces. London is a great city for market shopping. There is a huge variety of choice and you are sure to have a market somewhere every single day of the week. Ive decided to write a few short posts about some of the wonderful markets Ive been to in this city…..and of course the food products that have spawned from them! Continue reading